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Instructor: Teacher of the game

  • The “what” – Hitting, defense, catching, throwing, pitching, game situations etc. are taught by experts in mechanics, sequence, rhythm, timing and tempo of baseball/softball related skills.
  • The “when” – Precise timing needed to make an action happen. A fraction of a second determines success or failure in this game. Instructors can easily spot and fine tune when an adjustment is needed.
  • The “why” – The reasoning behind the “what” and the “when” (based on knowledge and experience).

According to Bloom’s Taxonomy, the highest classifications of learning relate to the analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of information. NPA instructors are well-versed in these learning domains, as they relate to baseball/softball, making them the highest-valued instructors out there. These men/women have themselves mastered skill-sets, but also have the language and tools to communicate them and ensure your student understands and applies the information!

All programs (team instruction, camps, clinics, private lessons) are taught by certified NPA professional instructors with an area of focus in hitting, pitching, catching, defense, game situations, and speed/strength & agility.

NPA Certified Instructor: A former athlete who has flourished at the major college, minor league and/or major league level. Instructor has participated in all NPA/GBG (Garciaparra Baseball Group) instructional classes, instructional workouts, as well as completing the intern-instructor program.

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