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NPA offers various programs to players interested learning the right information at the right time for their development. Some of the programs offered include:

  • Team Instruction (house teams & Powered By teams/organizations)
  • Summer Camps
  • Individual Lessons
  • Fall Ball

For ALL programming, NPA’s professional instructors work directly with all players. They are teachers of the game, tailoring information to the age and ability of the athletes.

NPA Instructors Teach:

The “What”: The specific content of hitting, defense, catching, throwing, pitching, game situations, etc. Instructors teach from their expertise in the content areas they are most familiar with. Ex: our pitching instructors primarily teach pitching since they pitched at the highest levels.

The “When”: The timing of the “What”. Precise timing is needed to make an action happen successfully. A fraction of a second can determine success or failure in this game.

Instead of identifying the problem in the outcome and telling a player to fix it, our instructors offer prescriptions to the root cause of the issue and its timing in the chain of sequential movements.

The “Why?”: This is the reasoning behind the “What” and the “When”. Instructors give players opportunities to wrap their heads around the full context of what is taught. This is the only way to shape increasingly autonomous players and young men.

Instructional Program Options: