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NPA is the official youth and HS training & development company partnered with the Los Angeles Dodgers! Progression based curriculum has been created in partnership with the player development staff of both LA Dodgers and Seattle Mariners to enhance each players individual and team experience. NPA specializes in position specific skill training development, mental/emotional development, Speed/Strength & Agility, Baseball IQ to speaking engagements educating current MLB players on identity, overcoming fear and life after baseball.



Instruction program is a progressive based curriculum developed by educational professionals complete with data tracking and information/oversight from MLB orgs such as the LA Dodgers. Notable MLB legends provide information, insight and direction for each specific area of skill or mental development. Example: Hitting & Infield – 6x MLB All Star Nomar Garciaparra. Pitching – Orel Hershiser – 3x MLB All Star & Cy Young winner. Strength/Agility/Speed/Nutrition – Brandon McDaniel – LA Dodgers MLB strength coach.



NPA has employed the most highly qualified instructors from across the country. NPA instructors have dedicated their lives to the impact of young men and women through sport. Instructors are employed into their chosen profession. Playing experience is a must with NPA where instructors have lived what every kid is dreaming about! Our staff is comprised of former MLB All-stars, MiLB, D-1 All Americans, Team USA players & coaches, Golden Spikes finalist, Pac 10 players of the year, MLB Scouts, NCAA CWS champs, MLB agents & MLB Strength Coaches.



At NPA, we firmly believe that there are differences between instructors and coaches. Both are extremely valuable for the proper development of each player and team. Once the roles of both are clearly outlined, each can focus on what they are best equipped do for the athletes!

Instructors: Teachers. Instructing from a position of experience. Continuing own education to perfect skills.

With each of our instructors having earned a “Doctorate” in baseball, so to speak, they have the ability to uniquely teach from extraordinary experience. Aside from their playing experience, how do NPA instructors stand out collectively in their craft? By teaching:

  • The “What”: The specific content of hitting, defense, catching, throwing, pitching, game situations, etc. Instructors teach from their expertise in the content areas they are most familiar with. Ex: our pitching instructors primarily teach pitching since they pitched at the highest levels.
  • The “When”: The timing of the “What”. Precise timing is needed to make an action happen successfully. A fraction of a second can determine success or failure in this game.
  • Instead of identifying the problem in the outcome and telling a player to fix it, our instructors offer prescriptions to the root cause of the issue and its timing in the chain of sequential movements.
  • The “Why?”: This is the reasoning behind the “What” and the “When”. Instructors give players opportunities to wrap their heads around the full context of what is taught. This is the only way to shape increasingly autonomous players and young men.

Coaches/Managers: Foster relationships to motivate and inspire plus situational baseball reinforcement

Any coach that NPA entrusts to coach a team, or any coaches from Powered By organizations/teams, will be equipped and supported to fill a vital position in the continued development of players. Most notably, they do the following:

  • Set Goals and objectives
  • Adjust to game situations
  • Motivate

Powered by NPA team coaches/game managers are partnered with NPA staff to produce a quality environment for the team in a competitive situation; whether at practice, in a game or any other event.

  • Each has “bought in” to the NPA system & philosophies/game situations/mechanics so that they reinforce what the instructors are teaching.
  • They have a passion for learning to increase their own knowledge base/skills as a coach.
  • They have a will and desire to create the optimal learning environment for players to progress

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POWERED BY NPA is the complete team administration, player registration-roster management software, gear/apparel/equipment, training, instruction and player/coach development program that local leagues have long waited for. Professional baseball/softball instructors and education professionals work directly with each individual player and coach to create REI, as explained below. Coaches, managers, league officials and parents are educated on their role to best develop each athlete.

Relationship – The relationship built between player and coach is a contributing factor in shaping the experience that each player has in baseball/softball.

Environment– In an environment free from the fear of failure, each player can perform to the best of their ability without the worry of negative feedback/judgment based on results.

Information– Players are engaged by professionals who deliver accurate information to each player, no matter what their current ability level is, to provide an avenue for progression in skill development and love for the game.



DEFINITION OF TEAM: “A group of individuals with complementing skills required to complete a task or goal.” POWERED BY NPA is the resource center that brings together all of those involved to create the most positive and impactful experience for each participant.

GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED: Coaches/managers, players, parents, league officials and NPA

COACHES/MANAGERS: Team staff will receive on-turf training from professional coaches during the team instruction workouts on the relational side of coaching as well as how to create and execute an efficient and effective team practice. Coaches are encouraged/directed to participate in depth in each session.

PLAYERS: Players receive individualized and specific information from current professional instructors who have lived what every young player is dreaming about becoming. Areas of focus include: hitting, infield/outfield, pitching & catching, base running & game situations.

PARENTS: A professional speaker will educate parents on their role in the development of their child through athletics. In this fun, exciting and interactive event, parents are led through a series of exercises to walk in the shoes of a league official, player, coach and umpire. NPA performs this highly sought after event all around the country.

LEAGUE OFFICIALS: NPA provides discounts on name brand apparel/gear/equipment (Nike, Marucci, Majestic, Gatorade) via a league-based online store. Each league receives a commission for merchandise purchased by league families. Each player will receive discounts on name brand product up to 15% off. All products are shipped, complete with decoration, to the player’s home, with the league simply passing along an online ordering link.

MARUCCI ONLINE STORE: See the example website of Uniforms/Fan Gear/Apparel/Equipment. Team Store would reflect league logos. Pricing would be negotiated with each individual league. https://maruccisports.itemorder.com (Code: NPAWEST)



Teams will flow through the facility during their respective times and hit 3 major areas of skill-based instruction. Example: 1.5hr session 1x a week.

SECTION A – Hitting – 30 min

SECTION B – Infield – 30 min

SECTION C – Pitchers & Catchers – 30 min

Three teams will be in each 1.5hr session and start in separate areas of the facility set up specifically for the area of focus, complete with a teaching professional. Example: Hitters will see 1-2 professional hitting instructors.



AGE GROUP:10u & Under

Teams can opt for 1.5hr program

  • 1hr NPA instructor lead practice – 1x a week for 4 consecutive sessions
  • $900/team (Example: $75/player x 12 players)

AGE GROUP: 10u – 14u

  • 1.5hr NPA instructor lead practice – 1x a week for 4 consecutive sessions
  • $1,500/team (Example: $125/player x 12 players)


  • Commit to 2 – 3 months: April, May, June: Cost per month is $1,200/team


1hr & 1.5hr session

  • 1hr – $400/team
  • 1.5hrs – $600/team

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